Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's my first post, on this evening when Venus is transiting across the sun. 
I'm speechless. But isn't that what all images and poems do: bring us to the point that transcends language. 
It's the transition from Venus as an evening star to Venus as a morning star, so the scientists say.
I have no idea what this blog will be. Let it be a place for wonder. For poetry. For transitions planetary
as well as personal. The blog takes its name from my new book Whirlwind, which will transit into print this October.
As Bob Dylan says, I was in a whirlwind, now I'm in some better place. Let this be that better place.


  1. Good luck with this Sharon! I started my blog about two years ago and find it evolves in relation to what's happening in my life and work--and I post with more or less frequency for the same reason. But I do love having a place to connect with other folks in the sphere. We're all somewhere in that path across the sun!

  2. What a sublime photo! Congrats and best wishes on your blog journey, Sharon --


  3. A beautiful beginning! It is comforting to know there is someone else out there getting newsprint on her hands riding the subway and (perhaps)chasing those annoying inserts forever flying from the New Yorker. I, too, confess to the love of paper and print, refusing to totally cave to the advances of technology. If I have become an anachronism, I hope to remain a defiant one! Thanks for sharing your new blog.

  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing your blog. It's somehow encouraging to see you take up residence here in the blogosphere - which seems to be a sort of verandah compared to the closet in which we usually work our poems, or have them work on us. I look forward to reading you as time goes on.
    All the best!